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Sponsor A Tree

In August of 2020, Allen’s was devastated by the derecho that came through.  In 45 minutes, the orchard lost nearly 800 trees. There is little to no insurance coverage available for apple growers to cover the sustained losses of trees and crop. Even through this huge financial setback, the Allen’s Orchard family is committed to restoring and continuing to grow the orchard for future generations and they invite you to join with them in this venture of rebuilding the orchard.

By sponsoring an apple tree you will be investing and helping sustain farming and agrication in our community.  As the trees grow and bear fruit, you will have helped to flavor the future.  Sponsoring a tree can also be a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, organization, or a lovely memorial.

All the money from the sponsorship will go towards the upkeep of each individual tree, for example:  pruning, fertilizing, and watering.

Here’s how it works:

Sponsor a Single Tree: $75.00

Sponsor a Tree Bundle: 5 trees for $350.00

Sponsor a Partial Row: 10 trees for $600.00

Sponsors will receive:

  • Sponsorship Certificate (certificate will state the name of the person/group to whom the tree(s) is dedicated, tree variety, row the tree(s) are planted in, date of planting and person/group who adopted the tree)
  • Allen’s Orchard Tote Bag – This exclusive tote bag is only available to those who have sponsored a tree(s). When tote is used in the Allen’s Orchard store, individual will receive 10% off their purchases.
  • The name of each individual/group who sponsored a tree or the name of those the tree has been gifted to will be added on an apple or leaf on the Tree of Life in the Allen’s Store.

If Tree is a Gift:

Let us know and please get us the recipient(s) contact information.  We will send them a certificate of the gift and a small token to remember the orchard by.

Please specify as to the nature of the gift so it can be recognized properly:

  • In recognition of:
  • In honor of:
  • In memory of:

If you wish your gift to remain anonymous – please specify.

Things to Note:

  • Allen’s Orchard is not a 501c3 and therefore sponsorships are not tax deductible
  • Sponsorship of a tree(s) does not give any property rights. One may not hang anything in a tree or place anything on the orchard ground
  • Fruit on all trees remains the property of Allen’s Orchard unless it is purchased at the current U-Pick price
  • Visiting the orchard is still only allowed during open times published on Allen’s website

If you are interested in being involved in Allen’s Sponsor a Tree program, please email us at

Thank you in advance for your support!


Apple Tree Pruning Services

Allen’s offers limited tree pruning services for home planted apple trees in the spring and early summer.  Services start at $100.00 an hour. 

If you are interested, please contact Allen’s at or 319-377-1408

Apple Wood

Apple Wood is excellent for smoking and grilling.

Allens often has applewood from trimmed trees and is happy to sell in uncut bundles.

If you are interested, please contact Allen’s at or 319-377-1408

Home Orchard Planting


Springtime is for planting!

Each spring Allen’s has a limited number of orchard quality apple tree varieties for sale that you can take and plant at your own place.  Allen’s will provide proper planting instructions at the time of your tree purchase.

Please watch our website, Facebook page, and Instagram site for more information.

Here are things to know if you are considering planting a tree or two:

  •  Apple trees on average take 4 – 5 years to bear any fruit
  •  You will need two trees (of different varieties) or another type of fruit tree in order to promote pollination
  •  Apple trees will need some TLC in order to grow just like any plant.  For pest control, we suggest using Seven

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